We are a fun homeschool family that is learning to Homestead together.  We purchased our acreage 11yrs ago and had a dream of one day having animals and learning more about taking care of them and the land.

We began our Homestead dream 2yrs ago with 6 chicks.  We now have grown to 2 horses, 11 hens, 12 chicks, 1 rooster, 10 ducklings, 2 goats, Yorkie, and a Hamster.  We have learned a lot and spent a lot of time outdoors building barns, sheds, and fence and caring for the animals.

Last year we decided to try a box garden.  We planted about 10 different vegetables and our yield was good for about 3 of the 10.  Our tomatoes, peppers, and beans grew well.  We learned a lot and are ready to begin our garden this season.

We are excited to share our journeys and adventures in Homesteading and HOMElearning as we go along.   We hope you enjoy reading and maybe some of our experiences will be helpful to you.

The Peterson’s


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