HOMEschool Curriculum

This post serves as a record of our homeschool curriculum that has worked over the years.  This is a generic list I use to personalize each girls school year.  I choose the subject I want them to learn and then pull from the ideas until I have created enough for a credit for the subject and to fulfill a year of learning.

I share it so that if you’re looking for something to fill a gap in your own family selections, you’ll have a new idea to try. Or if you’re just curious!

We started school at home in 3rd and 5th grades and wish now we had schooled them from preschool days. We learned from the first year of buying curriculum and not liking what we spent money on to try to keep the costs low by only purchasing minimum curriculum items and using internet or library for majority of material.  This process takes a little more planning on my part, but it aids in keeping the curriculum more personalized to each individual vs. just a textbook.  I plan what subjects to teach and the majority of material is FREE printable or FREE use from a website.

3rd Grade-5th Grade – For Math and Grammar we used printable pages as we needed them for what we wanted to learn as we progressed.   For History and Science we did through reading literature, outdoor activities, and experiments according to what we wanted to learn.

We moved on into deeper material as we entered Middle School to make sure subject matters were mastered and not just learned and lost and to prepare for the High School years according to what each girls talents and interests are.

This list is just curriculum and doesn’t include the many hours we spend volunteering and serving to broaden the girls relationships with multi-aged groups and different activities.  God has truly blessed our family through our serving together.

Each of our girls has different strengths and throughout the last few years we have learned through our Home and “School” how to grow their talents and strengths to try to determine the path God has for them.  One is stronger in Photography and cooking skills while the other is stronger in Art and animal skills.   These certain skills have become added to our “school” focus over the last couple years as we have tried to add a farm to our learning and more chances for photography and art as well as cooking of meals for family and friends.  We serve at our Church during dinners and a Food Bank for distribution to allow our girls to come in contact and learn how to interact with many different people of all ages and different backgrounds.  This is our main focus for our girls is to train them to Love God and Love People.

6th Grade/7th Grade 

8th Grade

9th Grade-

10th Grade –

11th Grade-

12th Grade-

  • Bible – Christianity, Cults, and Religions and Passion and Purity
    • Social Media-


Summary of Subjects Taken:
Bible/Character- Scripture Memorization, Beautiful Girlhood, Before I Meet Prince Charming, Answers Books for Teens, Love, Sex, and Dating, and Passion and Purity
Math-Algebra, Geometry, Kitchen/Home Math, Personal Finance, Consumer Math, Business Math
English- English 9,10,11,12, American Literature, British Literature, Writing and Composition, Speech
History- Civics, World, American, US & VA History, US & VA Government, Economics
Science – Earth, Physical, Biology, Chemistry, Veterinary
Health/PE-9th & 11th, Drivers ED, Soccer, Horseback Riding, Bowling, Skiing
Foreign Language- Spanish 1,2,3  OR Sign Language 1,2,3
Electives – Home Economics, Car Maintenance, Music (Guitar, Piano, Violin), First Aid, CPR, Health, Social Media, Photography, Art
Community Service/Volunteer:
  • Chesterfield Food Bank
  • Mercy Mall
  • Church
  • Keystone Acres and our own Farm
  • Ettrick Elementary


J will begin in 11th grade to use her interest in animals to volunteer at a local Animal Hospital with a Veterinarian to try to narrow down her interests as we plan for college or career classes she will need.

M will begin in 11th grade to use her interest in the elderly to volunteer at a Retirement Facility or Nursing Home and/or taking meals to Shut Ins as we plan for college or career classes she will need.


We use Seton California Achievement Tests for each grade level at years end.


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