Frugal Living

Two years ago when we decided to start our farm with our 6 chicks and a horse.  I knew I was going to need to learn ways to help cut cost around the Homestead since we only have one income.

I started researching cost of items we used (laundry, cleaning, shampoos, shower, deodorant, toothpaste, baking breads and desserts, etc.) and found that many items we used we could do with out  but I would need to learn how to make them from home and would only have to make a few changes that we all could learn from.

We were spending about $27 bi-weekly on just laundry that ends up being a little over $50 month and  $640 year.  That is if you can stretch the laundry for 2 full weeks.

Tide $10.77      Clorox $3.97     Bounce $8.94   Shout $2.84

Add Clorox wipes at $5.88 and Clorox Toilet Wand at $8.48 and Clorox All purpose Spray at
$2.98 and we are looking at $40+ bi-weekly, $87+ monthly, and $1000+ yearly.

I have plenty that I can do with $1000 a year!

We started with the laundry.   I immediately stopped buying detergent, stain remover, bleach, and fabric softener which would add up quickly on biweekly shopping trips.  I learned to make laundry detergent and dryer balls and found an alternative to bleach and fabric softener.   This was a HUGE cost saving in itself.

We then went to the kitchen.  I stopped using all paper products, dish detergent, and store bought hand soap.  We make our own hand soap and dish detergent and we use towels for drying and cleaning up spills.   We got rid of plastic cups and use mason jars for everything!  We got rid of paper plates, bowls, etc. and started to use regular dishes.  We got rid of plastic silverware and use regular silverware.  We do continue to use paper towels as napkins (I don’t need someone to fold them and then charge me for them) and for some cleanups, but it was a BIG savings to move out the other products.   We do not have a dishwasher so we have many more dishes to clean daily, but it is worth it not to go down the paper aisle.

We then worked on cleaning products.   We finished up whatever we had and then made our own all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, wipes, sink/toilet/tub cleaner, air fresher.  Now anyone who purchases cleaning supplies know how costly this can be without me saying.

We also experimented with body washes, shave cream, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

The adjustment just took a little time and we all learned how to function with the new supplies.

I will add our recipes for cleaning, laundry, etc. with hopes that it will help someone else.





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